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A.D. 1387
International meeting of XIV century reenactors.

Compagnia delle 13 porte, Borgo Romano are waiting for you!

On 23-24 September 2017
The reenactors will recreate medieval life in a military context between 1360 and 1410. Historical group will respect rigorously clothing, tents, furnitures and armours used in that period.

In the picturesque setting of the fortifications of Terra del Sole, a festival dedicated to Re-enactors and for this reason aimed to those who are curious to learn how people really lived in medieval times.

At AD1387, it will be re-enacted the Battle occurred near Castrocaro in 1387, it will be possible to visit camps , costumes, weapons, armors and furniture with a very high historical accuracy. During two days of the event, jugglers and musicians entertain the public with their performances.

Selected exhibitors will be present from all over the Europe. They will offer exclusively armors, weapons and costumes for Re-enactors.

It’s not allowed access to the event in historical clothes unless you are a member of a Re-enactors group or merchants invited.
The event is open to the public

Admission Free

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Visit the Gallery, you will find, television specials, photos and a documentary about the event


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