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A.D. 1387


It's possible to participate mainly by invitation, Italian and foreign re-enactement group ( between 1360 and 1410 with a good level of historical reconstruction) can ask for participation. You can submit your request for participation by sending an email to : info@ad1387.com with a presentation and photos of your equipment (armor, costumes and camp), groups can participate only if accompanied by a camp kitchen with historical active.



To A.D. 1387 Battaglia a Terra del Sole.

The participating groups will be able to accommodate a limited number of mercenaries (determinated with the organizers) belonging to other groups.

Each "mercenary" must send: info@ad1387.com complete this form and attach photos of the armor and costume who will wear during the event.

We present to groups that will host the Mercenaries will not be given more space in past years because as you know this is limited.

The mercenaries will be able to stay in the gym.

For meals will be provided to the host group also rations for mercenaries.

Each group will be fully responsible for the mercenaries they hosted.

How to proceed:

1. Find among the groups that have already been confirmed which one can you accommodate:

Group list confirmed

2. Send email to: info@ad1387.com with the form and attach 2 photos of your civil clothing and 2 photos of your armour. (Mails that arrive without photos will not be taken in regard)

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Il Borgo Romano - Compagnia d'arme delle 13 porte - Info: Cell 3206982349 - info@ad1387.com
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